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Thursday, December 06, 2012


Mikalogue, courtesy of Tracy S

Many thanks to Tracy S, who has taken advantage of this blog's fundraising scheme to raise money for Xavier's surgery and bought herself a post of choice. Tracy requested a Mikalogue. Anyone else who'd like to get a blog post on any subject of their choosing, just make a £20 donation and e-mail me the receipt, and I'll have at it.

Mika: Out with you! Out!

Kit: Mika, honey, what are you playing at?

Mika: Out, damned squeak!

Kit: Are you playing with Nat's truck, Mika?

Mika: Mousie will succumb to Mika the Mighty's claws if it takes all day.

Kit: I don't think there's a mouse in there, honey. That squeaking is just the wheel axel.

Mika: Squeaky wheel gets the puss! Mousie will perish!

Kit: It does sound like a mouse squeaking, I agree. But it really isn't.

Mika: You is disrespectin Mika's objective relations with reality.

Kit: Mika, have you been into the Ayn Rand books again?

Mika: Mika the Individual dominates machinery with a gaunt, thrustin claw!

Kit: We've got to put those on some higher shelves.

Mika: Second-pawer, I scorn you!

Kit: Mika, why don't you get into some of Nat's books? I'm sure they'd be better for you.

Mika: Do not mention dependent second-pawer shouter of doom. Cannot tolerate.

Kit: I know, I know, we had a baby on you. But we do still love you, you know.

Mika: Steals Mika's thunder! You is corrupt self-abnegator, mumsie.

Kit: I know, it's harder to write Mikalogues now because I don't want to make Nat a character in them and he's usually in the room with you. I'm sorry about that.

Mika: Artistic compromiser! Mika scorns you. Laughs because want to laugh.

Kit: The fact remains, darling, that you're the one who's been playing with his truck for the last hour. Don't you appreciate the sharing?

Mika: Second-pawer shouter of doom can give or not give currency of toys in exchange for Mika's beautiful presence. Is his choice. Gratitude degrades freedom of exchange.

Kit: Well, at least you're getting something out of a toddler in the house...

Mika: Is gettin out mousie! Mousie come out!

Kit: I think I'm just going to leave you to your splendid isolation on this one.


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