Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rainy day Mikalogue

Mika: Kit! Kiiiiit! Kiiiiiiiit!

Kit: Mika, what? It's hours until supper time.

Mika: Play with Mika! Plaaaay!

Kit: Baby, I have things to do. Lots of things.

Mika: But is boooorrred!

Kit: Can't you go play outside?

Mika: Is raaaaining!

Kit: Oh, I see. Okay, how about this string on a stick? Wanna catch it? Wanna catch it?

Mika: Ha ha! Submit to Genghis Cat!

Kit: Oops, there it goes!


Kit: ... Okay Mika, if you want me to twirl it around for you to chase, you have to let go of the string.

Mika: Fno. Is Fmika's.

Kit: You gonna let me take the string back?

Mika: Fno! Won fair and fsquare!

Kit: Okay, fine. But that means I'm going to let you keep it and get on with stuff.

Mika: You fno fun. Fboo.


  1. Laser pointers cannot be caught. Pounced on, yes, but not caught.

    ...Just sayin'.

    Verification word: Monstors. Really. Just in time for Halloween.

  2. Alas, Mika has outsmarted the laser pointer. After a few frantic goes with it, she started to work out that the red spot was coming out of the little grey thing and started sniffing that instead. Now she chases a dot if she's really got the fighties, but she seems to have lost the motivation...

    Word: ackpza. The sound you make if you get a mouthful of fluff.

  3. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Can she, I don't know, teleport to my flat whenever she's bored? I'd find a time to entertain her.


  4. What Mika needs is a carpet-covered box rubbed with catnip. Our first cat was delirious with joy 24 hours a day. Of course Fergus is far too mean and moody to lower himself to playing with things when he could be killing them instead.