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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Gardening Mikalogue

Mika: Oh noes! End of the world as we know it! Has to climb tree!

Kit: Mika, sweetie, what's the matter?

Mika: Has to run across garden! Wait, maybe it be better up tree!

Kit: Mika, are you bothered by us digging up the garden?

Mika: Earth moves! Kit digs. Hey, diggin, there be a thought. Mika will dig hole and have a pee.

Kit: You know, sweetie, if you could just dig consistently, you could have that big bush up that's giving me such a backache.

Mika: Oh, a spade! What to do? Maybe run in this direction!

Kit: Honey, it's okay, you know, we're just relandscaping the garden. You kept falling into the pond and getting all stinky. Look, there's a picture of you above. We had to wash you in the sink, remember?

Mika: Mika is kind and forgiving. Had agreed not to mention that disagreeable incident.

Kit: Well, that's very lovely of you, darling.

Mika: Mika is kind and lovin. Oh look, a jumpin frog thing! Enjoy your last moments, froggie, for nemesis sneaks up upon you ... Hey, it jumped! Cool! Mika will catch and kill cool toy.

Kit: Oh sweetie, don't do that. We need to rehome them in the park. Frogs are suffering in urban environments, you know.

Mika: Cool toys not suffer. Is for playin. Is jump for Mika! Hey, Kit put Mika down!

Kit: I've got to keep you away from the frogs, baby.

Mika: You is making Mika suffer!

Kit: I don't mean to, baby. But I've got a sore back and I can't keep crouching over you.

Mika: Gardenin is hard on everyone. Why not stop and come pet Mika instead? Look, rolls on stack of slabs, lookin all pretty...

Kit: You know, sweetie, you sometimes have a point.

How is that I, a person not very fond of cats, find the Mikalogues hilarious and want to invite Mika to my house?
Mika sez: because Mika is superior.
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