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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Mikalogue with corpses

Another old Mikalogue with no pictures:

Kit: Good grief, another dead mouse?

Mika: Mika the Merciless strikes again!

Kit: Honey, what's with all the hunting lately? This is the third mouse this week.

Mika: First dead one. You is bad kitten.

Kit: I think you mean 'Kit', honey.

Mika: No, is bad kitten. Mika the Master brings in mousies to show you how to hunt. And what does you do?

Kit: We rescue the live ones and release them in the garden?

Mika: Exactly. You takes Mika's mousies away. Will never learn if keep doing this.

Kit: Well, honey, we feel sorry for them. And we worry that if they run away and die in the house, they'll rot and stink. You rememeber what happened last year. It was like a charnel house.

Mika: Go stand in corner or cuffs your ear.

Kit: Mika, darling, you aren't our mother.

Mika: Behave yourself!

Kit: And I'm worried about your health. You remember the vet this week?

Mika: Aaagh! Trauma! Horror! Disgrace!

Kit: They had to treat you for constipation? And they said it might be because you had mouse bones in your gut?

Mika: You delivers Mika over to enemies!

Kit: That's enemas, sweetie. You were throwing up all over the place.

Mika: Is awful, awful world. And why you get Mika if you don't want mouser?

Kit: I know, sweetie. It's just finding their exploded corpses under my chair wheels that upsets me.

Mika: How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless Kit...

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