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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I found an old Mikalogue

Written back in 2008, in fact, which I think I didn't post because I couldn't get an appropriate photo. However, if you can imagine a cat scratching a sofa, you will get the picture:

Kit: Mika, stop clawing that sofa at once!

Mika: Ah good, you hears my summons. Mika wants food.

Kit: Mika, did you claw that sofa just to get my attention?

Mika: Food!

Kit: Mika, that's naughty. It's an expensive piece of furniture, not a bell-pull.

Mika: Mika mewed, you did not immediately do biddin. You is poor servant. Shouldn't have to tell you twice.

Kit: Well, if you're going to scratch the sofa, I'm not going to pay attention to you.

Mika: Oh look, Mika is scratchin sofa! Claws make lovely noise! La la la, scratchy scratchy...

Kit: My, what a quiet evening it is, with nothing to disturb my attention.

Mika: Scratchy scratchy...

Kit: Yes, I do love a serene evening with no one bothering me.

Mika: Poo. Wants fooood!

Kit: Oh, hello, sweetie. Was that you mewing? Do you want food?

Mika: Yeeesss!

Kit: Well, you had only to ask.

Mika: Come revolution, you will be first against the wall. Oh look, food!


I will pass on drawing the obvious analogies to certain human behaviors.

LOL, we got new couches a month ago, and our kitties have been reintroduced to their old nemesis, Purple Spray Bottle.
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