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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Mikalogue of romance

Ginger: Come into the garden, Mika...

Mika: Oi! Who you?

Ginger: From the fencetops I sing my love. Come and play wif me.

Mika: OI! You in Mika's garden! Pissoff!

Ginger: Mika be mine, come play wif me, You are all a kitty could dream, Your fur is as golden as chicken skin, Your fur is as white as cream...

Mika: PISSOFF!!! This is Mika's garden!

Ginger: Mika my love?

Mika: Gonna punch you, tresspasser!

Ginger: Let me stare into your tuna-gold eyes...

Mika: Yeah, gonna stare you down, chump.

Ginger: Such is the beauty, I sigh among the grass.


Ginger: Agh!

Mika: And STAY out!

Ginger: The course of true love never did run unbashed. I shall return, beloved...

Good to know that Mika is dealing with the AV referendum defeat in her own inimitable way!
Hmm... Is Mika spayed? That would tend to make the course of kitteh love most rocky.
Mika, you're my hero.

(And, Ginger, - comparing the object of your lust to *food*? Really?!)
What Ginger needs is a quest to share with Mika. I propose they join forces to rid my back garden of the Grackle Menace, especially since my two rat terriers aren't achieving this goal.
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