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Sunday, May 01, 2011


Mikalogue: AV referendum

I have been asked what Mika thinks of the upcoming referendum. Well, never let it be said that I don't take my readers seriously, so I went and asked her.

Kit: Mika darling, what do you think of the AV referendum?

Mika: Aaaagh! No supper! Shed fur!

Kit: Oh dear, are you stressed?

Mika: Yeeess!

Kit: Poor pet. Is it because there's a new baby in the house? That's what the vet said.

Mika: You is shallow housewife. Look beyond unsmelling nose - we have Tory government! Cuts NHS! Sells forest! Raises tuition fees and diverts Mika's food money into baby college fund! Pollutes moouuusiiiiieeess!!!

Kit: You're worried about the government?

Mika: YES! And Mika cannot vote for new system!

Kit: Do you understand all those statistics, baby?

Mika: No. Not enough clawses to count on. Mika the Mighty's claws are for mousies, not for statistics!

Kit: Then why do you want to vote?

Mika: Coz people says AV means less Tory victories. Bulldog party! Doesn't care about the poor party! And Mika has no money! Poor Mika. Tories scary. Anything that gets less Tory victories a good thing!

Kit: ... You know, I can see your point.

Mika: Votes for AV or bites you.

Beabea (fan of Mika) says Hi Mika! Beabea agrees with Mika and will have seereous talkins with Mama before Mama votes too. And seereous bitins of feets if Mama does not listen.
Now if only we could get Mika to weigh in on the Canadian election....I am sure she would do as good a job as most of the "expert commentators" they have on television.

BTW -- is Mika having a shedding problem? Is she stressed out about Nat? What does it say about me that I find that almost as worrying as the Tories having the power to dismantle civilization as we know it?
What does it say about me that I find that almost as worrying as the Tories having the power to dismantle civilization as we know it?

Mostly, I suspect, that you don't live in Britain. ;-)

And yeah, she's not thrilled about there being a new baby in the house. We're doing our best to be nice to her, but I just have less time these days. It's hard to do in a Mikalogue, though, because it would be difficult to do without bringing the baby in as a character somehow, and while doing it to a cat is one thing, doing it to a human being is quite another and I don't want to go the Christopher-Robin route...
Mostly, I suspect, that you don't live in Britain. ;-)

Of course we have problems with our own Tories here -- the Conservative government fell over the issue of "contempt of parliament" which boiled down to the fact that Conservative/Tory government was basically attempting to bypass democracy. In fact Harper, when answering the question "what would you do if you didn't get a majority" has refused to discuss the idea that the other parties have a right to form a coalition. He just keeps pounding away on the phrase "the party with the greatest number of seats" even though it could be possible that the 2 "runners up" might have 65 percent of the vote/seats among them.

Members of his party also like to make statements that seem to be "coded" appeals to the Canadian equivalent of tea partiers (for example, saying out of nowhere "we won't rule out the possibility of revisiting same-sex marriage/abortion."
Heee ! Believe it or not I wasn't even fishing for a Mikalogue when I commented on Slacktivist so this is a wonderful surprise ! :)

It is good to see such young kittens with an active social consciousness. Puts me to shame.

(confirmation word : retini. That's wrong : it should be retinae)
Really silly anti-AV talking head on Radio 4 this morning. "If you and I buy a Mars bar each, and you take one bite of your Mars bar then take it back to the shop and get a Twix ... then it's not faaaaaaaaaiiiiiiirrr!" (Yes it is. If you only like Mars bars, you can have two.) I was undecided until I started hearing this sort of weak argument. If that's the best they can muster, they must be wrong.

(confirmation word: undedlet, a zombie baby)
@Selcaby : If you want some help deciding, it looks to me like Wikipedia really has the dirt on this one :

@Kit : I'm sorry to hear that Mika is having trouble. I wish you all the best.
Poor Mika. I wish I could make her feel better. Alas, I can't teleport to England to surround her with attention and affection (plus you wouldn't want uninvited guests anyway, I think), and she probably wouldn't want to teleport to Russia (plus I'm not sure how will catzilla react). Give her my sympathies and best wishes - that's all I can offer.
I don't want to go the Christopher-Robin route...
Do you know Ogden Nash's "My Daddy"?

I have a funny daddy
Who goes in and out with me
And everything that baby does
My daddy’s sure to see,
And everything that baby says,
My daddy’s sure to tell.
You must have read my daddy’s verse.
I hope he fries in hell.

Still, a baby is one thing and a cat is another, and I'm very glad to hear from Mika again.

Verification word: ratie.
But Mika should probably stick to mousies.
I think this is my favourite Mikalogue of all time.
Hi Kit!

Someone over at tor.com is looking for your birthdate, in order to do some statistical analysis of science fiction awards. Thought you might want to know!


Ursula L
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