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Sunday, May 01, 2011


Mikalogue: AV referendum

I have been asked what Mika thinks of the upcoming referendum. Well, never let it be said that I don't take my readers seriously, so I went and asked her.

Kit: Mika darling, what do you think of the AV referendum?

Mika: Aaaagh! No supper! Shed fur!

Kit: Oh dear, are you stressed?

Mika: Yeeess!

Kit: Poor pet. Is it because there's a new baby in the house? That's what the vet said.

Mika: You is shallow housewife. Look beyond unsmelling nose - we have Tory government! Cuts NHS! Sells forest! Raises tuition fees and diverts Mika's food money into baby college fund! Pollutes moouuusiiiiieeess!!!

Kit: You're worried about the government?

Mika: YES! And Mika cannot vote for new system!

Kit: Do you understand all those statistics, baby?

Mika: No. Not enough clawses to count on. Mika the Mighty's claws are for mousies, not for statistics!

Kit: Then why do you want to vote?

Mika: Coz people says AV means less Tory victories. Bulldog party! Doesn't care about the poor party! And Mika has no money! Poor Mika. Tories scary. Anything that gets less Tory victories a good thing!

Kit: ... You know, I can see your point.

Mika: Votes for AV or bites you.


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