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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Late pregnancy Mikalogue

Kit: Mika, honey?

Mika: Yawn. What?

Kit: We owe some nice people more Mikalogues, you know?

Mika: Owes nothing. Mikaness is already greatest gift. World owes Mika.

Kit: No, we really do. They donated to charity relief in Haiti and commissioned some Mikalogues. We should get on with them.

Mika: But is tired...

Kit: Tired? You're not the one carrying around a full-grown person in your stomach!

Mika: Mika knows. But is fignant.

Kit: Fignant? Do you mean pregnant? Because I know you're not that. You were spayed as a kitten.

Mika: We has agreed not to discuss that in interests of forgiveness. But does not mean pregnant. Talkin Mika is figment of Kit's imagination. Kit is pregnant. Is so pregnant is gettin stupid.

Kit: Hey! ... Well, actually, yeah, kind of...

Mika: So, see? Gettin stupid, imagination slows down. Figment of imagination gets tired. Has less to say. Yawn. Goway, wanna sleep.

Kit: But we need to write what we promised!

Mika: We will. But is tired. Goway.

Kit: Mika? Mika!

Mika: Yawn. Whaaaat?

Kit: Mika, we have subjects to address. Whether you've been interacting with other cats, and what you think of the baby, and Mika versus poetry!

Mika: Bahhh. If do it, will you let sleep?

Kit: All right.

Mika. Okay. In the garden of Mika the Mighty,
There is trespassin cats gettin fighty.
Run back home with a thump,
Kneads, for comfort, your bump,
But you's pregnant. Is tired. Nighty-nighty.

(Editor's note: I will, when I get my brain back, try to address the subjects more fully in between babycare. But that could be a while, so I felt I owed everyone some kind of acknowledgement for their generosity at least.)


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