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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Second charity Mikalogue

Sophie Morel wrote: As I'm French and a mathematician, anything involving France, or the French language, or mathematics would be nice. Or the Beatles. I really like the Beatles.

The result - I do not know how to do accents or circumflexes in this thing, so please try to imagine them out of the kindness of your hearts. Aussi, je crois que je parle Francais vraiment pire que vous, Sophie; je suis desolee.

Kit: Mika, ma cherie?

Mika: What?

Kit: Est-ce que tu parle Francais?

Mika: Is lunchtime?

Kit: J'ai - um - te donne beaucoup de - um- kibble - a douze heures et quart. Tu l'a mange. Ce n'est pas l'heure de dejeuner.

Mika: Is always lunchtime! Give more food!

Kit: Hang on, Mika, do you speak French? Did you understand that?

Mika: Don't care what your cunning arguments. Mika's tummy knows it is lunchtime!

Kit: Ah. So you weren't really listening?

Mika: Ce n'etait pas necessaire. Mika knows all.

Kit: Oh. So are you really hungry?

Mika: Always. Also bored. Is too wet to go in garden and all the beetles is hidin. Nothing to chase!

Kit: I don't think Sophie meant that kind of beetle, sweetie. She meant the musicians. You know, 'All You Need Is Love'? That kind of thing.

Mika: Is true needs love. Stroke Mika. Then give lunch and play with!

Kit: Baby, you've had your lunch and I'm trying to work!

Mika: Doesn't matter. Mika knows mathematics. Is countin. What Mika wants counts more than what Kit wants.

Kit: That is, indeed, a school of thought.

Mika: Ooh, look, is somethin in garden. Charge! Mika the Mighty!

Kit: Plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose.

A big merci to Sophie for her generosity towards the citizens of Haiti.

Oh, this was a fun post!

Question: Would Mika allow the use of the informal "tu"? Being a cat, and therefore worthy of all respect, I would assume HRH Queen Mika would insist on "vous".

Then again, you do control the feeding times, so maybe you've earned some privileges.
Kit knows all about Mika, and Kit knows Mika accepts informal 'tu'. Ffft.
I left you a perfectly apposite Ogden Nash quotation last night, but it appears that Blogger has eaten it. I thought only Typepad did things like that.

Eh bien, c'est la vie.
Mika is sheer genius. :D
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