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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Fleecy Mikalogue

(Editor's note: this is an old Mikalogue that I somehow never got round to publishing and unearthed recently. The photo is recent, though. Things haven't changed.)

Kit: Hi sweetheart.

Mika: 'Lo. Is comfortable. You okay?

Kit: Well, actually I wanted a word with you, honey.

Mika: Is receivin visitors. What can do for you?

Kit: You see, you're lying on my fleece.

Mika: Mika knows this. Knows many things.

Kit: Can I have it back?

Mika: No.

Kit: Please, honey? It's turning cold.

Mika: Mika knows. Is cosy and warm on fleece. Your point?

Kit: But I'm not cosy and warm, because you've got my fleece. And you've already got a beautiful plush coat...

Mika: Yay! Is tryin a new lick technique this week. You like?

Kit: You look gorgeous, honey. But I don't have a coat.

Mika: Is true. You naked and furless. Is bad choice. Must be chilly.

Kit: Well, I am. Because you're on my fleece.

Mika: Is Mika's happy spot.

Kit: Can't I have it back?

Mika: No. Would be wrong, as Mika the clever will demonstrate thus: Is not always on it. You could just steal it when Mika busy elsewhere. You do not do this. Clearly you recognise is Mika's fleece. Is pleased with you.

Kit: Well, I feel guilty, because you like it so much. But I'd like it back too.

Mika: Noo! Is Mika's happy fleece. Fills with warm feelins.

Kit: You remember how it was winter when we first got you? And I was wearing a fleece all the time to keep warm?

Mika: Is true. Was fluffy.

Kit: Is that why you always knead me when I'm wearing one?

Mika: Kneads you other times too. But yes. Fleece is Mika's mum.

Kit: That's why I feel guilty, my little rescue-cat love. You were taken away from your mum too young.

Mika: Wants fleece. Smells of you. Gives cuddles when you too busy workin to cuddle.

Kit: You're really working my conscience, sweetheart.

Mika: So Mika keeps fleece?

Kit: I'm gonna have to think this one over. Maybe I'll find another one for you in a charity shop.

Mika: Now play with Mika or go away.

Kit: This should teach me not to leave my clothes in the hall.

Mika: Why?

Kit: Because you lie on them.

Mika: Does indeed. Your point?

Kit: ...I love you, honey.

Mika: Good thing too.

The Gospel according to Mika: here endeth the lesson.
Thank god, was jonesin for nu Mikalogue.
Miiiika!!! How I missed you!
(I see she kept the fleece. Catzilla didn't try to claim any specific thing in the flat as his own yet. He just sleeps (and sheds) on every "sleep-friendly" surface. But not in a cat-bed that was bought for him.)
Hello, Mika! My name am P.C. Am live downstares from R61. Am landlordz cat. Am love to vizit and cuddel with R61 when him watch TV or uze computur. Pleese rite about yu more offen. Thankz.

Porch Cat

(Sorry about the diction. P.C.'s not the best speller in the world.)
A most delightful (and long-awaited) Mikalogue. Mika's loyal fans have been getting restive, tapping our toes, checking our calendars and watches, wondering when we would hear more from Herself.

That said, foster-cat expresses puzzlement. Kit proposes to buy Mika a fleece at a charity shop. But, as the Mikalogue makes clear, Mika already has a fleece. Surely, it is Kit who needs a fleece, no?

Verification word "anrdi," which I'm pretty sure is (an American dialect of) cattish for "so where's dinner, already?"
Hi Kit! *waves* Here from Slacktivist, and loving your work, especially the editor's dictionary.

I love the Mikalogue - will be a new loyal fan. Do you mind if I post something from my own kittehs on my blog in the same vein and link to you?
Tapping our toes, checking our calendars and watches, wondering when we would hear more from Herself.
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He just sleeps (and sheds) on every "sleep-friendly" surface.
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