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Friday, January 15, 2010


Charity Mikalogue

Almost all of us have heard by now of the terrible earthquake in Haiti and the urgent need for charitable donations. I am therefore proposing the following:

You donate money, and I will write a Mikalogue in your honour. (Or possibly Mika will, depending on your suspension of disbelief.) I'd recommending the charity Medicins San Frontiers / Doctors Without Borders, who are already setting up hospitals and need a lot more money.

So here's how it's going to work. Send me a 'thank you for donating' e-mail that's dated and timed after this post went up (kitwhitfield at hotmail.com) and records a donation of ten pounds or more, and with it a request for a situation or subject you'd like to see Mika deal with. I will, some time later, put up a post identifying the donors, and will then over the next few weeks compose and post the Mikalogues. They will be interspersed with other posts so as not to overdose, but I will get round to all of them eventually.

(Standard legal disclaimer, which is hopefully unnecessary but I've been trained to err on the side of caution: all Mikalogues including any in the future remain entirely my copyright and intellectual property. I retain the sole right to use suggestions as I judge best, and to sell, license, adapt or otherwise use and control any Mikalogues past, present or future unless otherwise stipulated.)

I'm anticipating a manageable number of donations and requests here. If it turns out I get a deluge, I may have to adapt a bit to be practical - combining several people's situations for comic effect, perhaps. We'll see when we get there.

In any case, let's raise some money for Haiti and have some fun at the same time.

"a donation of ten pounds or more"

Do you know what that is in US$?

[captcha: "gulation" -- the state of denial produced from saying "LALALALALA".]
Jeff: According to Google, roughly $16.26. I had the same question. ;)
Really? The pound's dropped. Last time I was in England it was nearly 2.5$/pound (Canadian dollars, but still).
Thanks for encouraging donations Kit -- I think many people do not realize just how devastating the situation is in Haiti. I heard one doctor describe it as "civil war" medicine -- they are amputating without painkillers. Many "hospitals" lack roofs, walls and water, let alone electricity.

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