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Monday, November 16, 2009


The Mikalogues encounter mouse-kind again


Kit: Oh bugger. Mika, is that you with a mouse again?

Mika: Look what Mika caught in garden!

Kit: Mika, I wish you'd stop bringing those poor little things in.

Mika: Mika the mighty!

Kit: Sigh. Okay, guess I'd better rescue the little polluter.

Mouse: ...she was mute fm transport, I from agony...

Mika: Ha ha, got you again!

Kit: Okay Mika, drop. Drop!

Mika: Fno. Gerroff, interferer in righteous conquest!

Kit: Drop it!

Mika: You drags Mika! Shame upon!

Mouse: ...anguish has no eye fr grace...

Kit: Okay, I need to put a glass down on you ... Man, I wish Gareth was here to do it ...

Mouse: ... now we see fru a glas darkly ...

Kit: Gotcha! Okay, Mika, I'm shutting you out of the kitchen while I deal with this.

Mika: No! No! Give baaaaack! Haaaates you!

Kit: Right, let's just slide this paper under the glass and see if I can pick you up. Hm. Are you in there?

Mouse: ...such eagerness of speed!

Kit: Bugger. Come back!

Mouse: ...perl-doored sanctuary...

Kit: Oh, not under the fridge! Mouse, come out, I'm trying to help you.

Mouse: ...com silence, thou sweet reesoner...

Kit: Mouse, I'm afraid you leave no option. I'm going to have to get Mika back in to chase you out and just hope she doesn't hurt you before I can get to you. Mika, in you come.

Mika: Meet your doom, mousie! Mousie? Mousieeee....?

Kit: Mika, the mouse isn't under the mat. It's gone under the fridge. See, under here, where I'm pointing?

Mika: Chase the pointer!

Kit: No, Mika, you're supposed to be looking for the mouse.

Mika: Fear the claws of doom, pointer!

Kit: Good grief. Okay, I'm just going to have to hope the mouse found a way to squeeze out through the wall. I despair. But I blame you for this, Mika. The idea is to reduce the number of mice in the house, not increase it.

Mika: Feed Mika.

Kit: Do you really think you deserve dinner?

Mika: Mika wants dinner. Wants dinner. WANTS dinner!

Kit: Justice compels me to admit it's dinner time. But this is one of those occasions where I'm holding to the idea that principle isn't principle unless you stick to when you don't feel like it, you little pest.


Of course Mika deserves dinner. She showed you her prey, didn't she? Demonstrated that she's catching mousies just like you always wanted her to?

Some humans are so ungrateful... ;)
Just as an aside, I read somewhere that when a cat brings you a dead mouse, she's trying to feed you and/or contribute to feeding the household. But when she brings you a live mouse, she's trying to teach you how to hunt.

No doubt she was demonstrating the proper technique when she released it and then caught it again.

Kit can catch mousies too! Just watch Mika the Mighty! Mika show Kit again and again till Kit gets it!

Silly Kit not need glass and paper...sheesh.
Are you trying to harrow up my feelings with these tales of horror?

Mouse: ...perl-doored sanctuary...
Kit: Oh, not under the fridge!

Okay, now I'm laughing.

word: cypyrium. An element more precious than platinum, suitable for decorating the food dish of Mika the Mighty.
I am always happy to hear from the mouse, although I'm always equally sorry, as the poor mouse only comments when traumatized.

A belated Happy Birthday, Mika!

Verification word: "micae"--Latin for "belonging to Mika." And, indeed, what here is not doing precisely that?
If Roosterfish is right, this indicates that Mika is trying to delegate her duties to Kit.

In which case, Kit must stand firm. No dinner for Mika!

(And I am a cat lover, I'm just determined not to let them get the upper hand...)
We suffer through occasional visits from crickets, trying to escape the wintry (or at least cold and miserable) weather outside. We keep a glass and a piece of cardboard handy, by the door, to capture them, so we can hasten them outside toot suite.

So I suggest using cardboard or something with a little heft to it next time.

It could be worse. One of my mother's cats brought her a live grass snake a couple summers ago.

Just thought I'd try to offer some perspective. ;)

Though I do hope I didn't just give Mika any ideas.
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