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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter Mikalogue

Kit: Happy Easter, sweetheart.

Mika: Is there food in it?

Kit: Possibly a fish treat.

Mika: Aha! Is worthwhile holiday.

Kit: Glad you think so, secular puss. Though it's a bit of a shame we can't have an Easter egg hunt this year.

Mika: Mika the mighty hunts! Clearly you know place. Cannot compete.

Kit: Well, that's true. I was more thinking that we've just turfed the garden so we can't walk on it or we'll mess it up.

Mika: Ah, yes. Has complaint on that score.

Kit: Is it about covering up all that earth you liked to dig in? All those piles you were heaping up that we had to spend ages levelling out?

Mika: Had just sculpted that. You is jealous. Wants to be only artist in house. Sabotages Mika.

Kit: That's not fair, sweetie.

Mika: Then why destroy Mika's mounds?

Kit: Well, honey, we thought you might like some nice grass to walk on. Softer on your paws. Less dirt to lick out.

Mika: Suspects this not your only rationale.

Kit: Well, we were tired of the garden being a big pile of dirt as well.

Mika: But was fine how it was! You has selfish green.

Kit: That's 'selfish gene', honey. Have you been into Daddy's bookshelves again?

Mika: True too, you garden in selfish jeans. Is selfish from pants to pelt.

Kit: So you don't want the fish treat?

Mika: ...Okay, happy Easter.


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