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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Launch day!

Just a reminder: I'll be signing books at 2pm in Goldboro Books in central London. I'm only going in to sign a job lot so I'll probably be out by around 2.30, but if anyone wants to pop in and say hi, that's where I'll be...

Right, got a lot to organise, so gotta dash.

Just out of curiosity, what's a job lot? Wikipedia is no help.
A job lot is basically a batch ordered in bulk. :-)

Word: phrooste. A subspecies of pheasant found in the remoter regions of Algeria, with particularly bright plumage around the neck.
good job. just heard about bareback last week. and now I'm reading it in swedish paperback. fascinating! glad to hear about the new book. great timing on becoming a fan =)
Just reading In Great Waters. I'm amazed at the 30 page bites I seem to be taking out. I think you ought to take credit for writing in perfect little breaking points that make it the perfect book to enjoy over a long period of time. I certainly keep going back for more. Different from Bareback. Whilst equally engaging, I tore through Bareback within about 12 hours. Waters seems to require more reflecting time, if you'll pardon the expression. Another triumph.
By the way, I read an early review in the Times in the SciFi windup [sorry I know you don't like that], which indicated all positive feedback to come. I'm looking forward to the reviews now almost as much as I was the book.
I know I sound a little gushy but I'm simply a very sincere person!
How are you, Mika and fiance doing by the way? Time has passed since we heard from either one of them.
I don't want to gush either, but I just finished it. So I know what you mean, Emily: there were times when I had to put the book down because life kept getting in the way, but I'd keep thinking about it. And there were a few places -- Kit, I'm sure you know where they are -- where I had to stop reading and absorb the impact before I could go on.

A book to be savored, like salt on fish.

Word: chenni. A casual skirt in printed cotton suitable for wearing on tropical holidays.
And here I was congratulating myself on scheduling me-and-hubby's trip to the U.K. on what turned out to be everybody's spring break over here... If only I'd scheduled it two weeks earlier!

But then vacation would be over by now, and that would be sad.

I don't know when the book comes out in the U.S., but seeing how it's out already in the U.K., it oughtn't to be hard to pick up a copy soon enough. We'll be landing at LHR early on Sunday morning the 22nd. I'm not sure how exactly we're getting from there to where we're going, but surely we'd have time before we set out for A) visiting a bookstore and B) meeting a certain author and Slacktivite for breakfast, if her schedule aligned with ours... waddayathink?

Word: "ingsheli", a sort of bivalve best served steamed in a sage-and-pepper broth. Also the name of a beach somewhere vaguely mythical.

(Word after previewing: "funsei". The sensei at a more entertaining sort of dojo.)
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