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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mikalogue: The Fighties

Kit: Oh hi, baby, I didn't see you there. How are you today?


Mika: Yaaaaa!

Kit: Oi! What are you - stop biting my arm!

Mika: Kitty ambush! Bite your arm and defeat it!

Kit: Mika, stop that at once!

Mika: You will submit to Genghis Cat!

Kit: Mika, what on earth is wrong with you? Get off!

Mika: Aha, fine foe, think you push Genghis Cat away? Return and subdue your arm!

Kit: Mika, I wasn't bothering you. I was just sitting here and you rush up and grab me, you bad girl.

Mika: Yaaaaaaaa!

Kit: That's enough. Stop that at once.

Mika: Aha, tail, don't think Mika the mighty doesn't see you lookin! Face your doom!

Kit: Calm down!

Mika: Cushion attack! Yaaa!

Kit: You've just got the fighties, haven't you?

Mika: Chaaaarge!

Kit: I don't know what's got into you lately. Are you having a cat adolescence?

Mika: Fight! Fight!

Kit: No, I'm not going to play with you if you're going to be like that.

Mika: Victory!


Verification word: Staili, which is how Mika feels after she's bitten her own tail in a fit of the fighties.
LOLOL -- You need a Cat Dancer. Looks like a bug (to them) and I've yet to meet a cat who didn't go nuts over it. Or a shoelace. I used to cross my legs under my computer desk and distract my kitten with my untied shoelaces when I had to work. This was after trying to distract him with tuna just left unpleasant mess for both of us, but leaving him UNdistracted resulted in him fighting my cursor onscreen and cutting and pasting my documents into new and exciting but not quit submittable forms.

"mishned" -- How I feel today. Agitated and foggy -- bad combo. I need a nap.
Our cat used to get what we'd call that "pounding feeling". (Unlike that lovin' feeling.) You could see it in the way she'd stomp into the room, looking around with slitted eyes for someone or something to pound, usually another innocent bystander cat. We'd say, "Uh-oh, Gertie's got the pounding feeling!" and sure enough, she's whomp some other cat on the head.
Of course, they also get the fight'n'bite feeling, too!

(weatice - a Canadian breakfast cereal bar sold only in Alberta.)
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