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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The literary werewolf

Well check this out. Ages ago I wrote an essay on the history of the literary werewolf, which I've likewise for ages been meaning to find a way of putting on my blog, foiled by my pathetic technical skills.

But it's online! So if anyone's interested, go read it. :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy birthday Mikalogue!

Kit: Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Mika: What is this of which you speaks?

Kit: It's your birthday, darling. You're a whole year old now.

Mika: Ooh. Is big girl now.

Kit: Yes you are, sweetie. Congratulations.

Mika: Thinks its time Mika had own door key?

Kit: ...Would you settle for a fish treat?

Mika: Ooh! Yes, yes, fish treat!

Kit: There you go, honey.

Mika: How about own bank account?

Kit: I don't think they let kitties have bank acounts, precious.

Mika: You has one, Kitty.

Kit: I mean cats. Anyway, what would you buy with it?

Mika: Power an influence, obviously.

Kit: Well, you have a regular slot on your own website. Not all cats have that.

Mika: Is true. Ahem. Mika would like to welcome you, her fans, for coming to website on this, the glorious occasion of...

Kit: Is this going to take long, sweetie? I don't want to copy-type a massive speech.

Mika: You got anything better to do?

Kit: I could give you another fish treat.

Mika: Ooh, fish treat!

Kit: There you go, sweetie. Happy birthday.

Mika: Goway, is eatin.


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