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Friday, October 10, 2008


Mikalogue meets exercise

Mika: The wheels on the thingy go round an round, round an round, round an round...

Kit: Hi baby. What are you singing about?

Mika: Ah. Mika has bone to pick with you.

Kit: A real bone? Chicken bones are dangerous, sweetie.

MIka: No, metaforical bone. You should know what those are. You said you riter.

Kit: Yes, I do know, thank you precious. So what's the problem?

Mika: It are this cross-trainer.

Kit: But it's lovely! It means Daddy and I get lots of exercise, and then we have more energy to play with you.

Mika: But you locks Mika out of room when you work out!

Kit: I know, honey. We're sorry to do it. But you keep trying to chase the pedals, and we're worrying about you getting your important head bopped.

Mika: Round an round, round an round! Mika chase! It moves, must jump on it!

Kit: Yes, that's exactly why we lock you out.

Mika: Mika liked what was here before better.

Kit: What, the plant we moved to make room for the machine?

Mika: Yes. Where is it, Mika's toy?

Kit: Out in the garden, dying, I'm afraid, dear. You climbed and chewed it so much it was falling to pieces.

Mika: Chase it! Leaves bounce when Mika hits them! Mika kills moving leaves! Mika the mighty!

Kit: We're sorry to have moved it, but you were shredding it.

Mika: You replace Mika's toy with toy for you that you don't let Mika play with.

Kit: Sigh... I guess you're right, sweetie.

Mika: You disturbs order of universe.

Kit: Well, we're sorry. But we've got lots of other toys for you.

Mika: Everything is toy for Mika!

Kit: Then the universe can't be out of balance, can it? Not if it's all your toy anyway?

Mika: Your sophistries are unsound. Get rid of cross trainer.

Kit: No, honey, we're not going to do that.

Mika: But if you get all muscly and thin, what will Mika knead when is needin cuddles?

Kit: Oh, sweetie. There'll always be cuddles for Mika!

Mika: Really?

Kit: Of course, honey. Would you like one now?

Mika: No thank you, for Mika sees fly! Flee, fly, for hour of doom is comin after you with big clawy paws! Mika the mighty!

On the off chance no-one's mentioned it before, Mikalogues rock. Possibly wiser if you don't tell Mika she has fans though, eh?
Mika knows. Peoples only read this blog because of Mika the mi
MIKA, leave my blog alone! Good girls do not mess with my website.
You replace Mika's toy with toy for you that you don't let Mika play with.

She does have a way of getting to the heart of an issue, doesn't she?
Sophistries...bugger, Mika has a better vocabulary than I do! ;-)

P.S. Amazon UK has put the cover up for In Great Waters.

Have a lovely day! :-)
Kit! I has question!

I can not write. At least I can not write in the make-up-things-and-enthrall people style. I am very good at the writing of factual, specialised sciencey nerdy journal articles..

Do you think it is possible to LEARN to write? Not to a published, proper writer level, but so that I can enjoy doing it, and maybe someone might enjoy what I write?
"Your sophistries are unsound" might be up there with "Mika's happy place is full of crisis" as my new favourite catchphrase.
The attention of a kitten goes round and round, up and down, in and -- ooh, shiny!

Love Mikalogues.
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