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Friday, June 13, 2008


A weekend Mikalogue

Mika: This Mika's mat. Is not movin.

Kit: Oh, there you are, sweetie. I wanted to ask you something.

Mika: Is Mika with the wants. Mika wants, Kit does. Will accept fish treat if you is wantin to give one of them.

Kit: No, sweetie, I've got a question.

Mika: Can Mika has one?

Kit: Yes, here it is: what's with the mat? Did you hear the rhyme, 'the cat sat on the mat'?

Mika: This Mika's mat. Is lyin down on it.

Kit: I see that, baby. But there's a poem about cats on mats. I'm wondering if you have an interest in literature after all.

Mika: Your questions is confusin. Give Mika fish treat or go away.

Kit: Sorry, sweetie, we're running out.

Mika: Would accept prawn cracker.

Kit: No, those are bad for you. I shouldn't have let you get into our take-away, really. But look, why are you on that mat? It's drafty under the door, the mat's all rough and dusty...

Mika: Mika has thick beautiful coat. Knows not of these draffs you speak of.

Kit: So what are you doing on the mat?

Mika: Is leanin on door. Is nice down here.

Kit: You're kind of a mystery to me, sometimes, honey.

Mika: Mika sensible. Is you the one with the confusles. You calls food take-away, but when Mika tries to take it away, you intervenes.

Kit: Does that mean you want some of our dinner?

Mika: No thank you. Is not hungry. Is happy down here.

Kit: I guess I should stop trying to figure you out and just admire your beauty.

Mika: Aha! You is comin on after all. You gets purr. Prr.

Friday, June 06, 2008


The Mikalogues meet literature

Mika: Aha, see you has book! Mika fites book! Bites it!

Kit: Mika, stop that.

Mika: Paper products is for chewin.

Kit: Mika, I wish you'd stop trying to eat my books whenever you see me reading. Books are important, you know.

Mika: Why?

Kit: Well, sweetie, people care about books. I write books. People work very hard to put all those letters down on the page.

Mika: Wif pen?

Kit: Yes, that's right. You take a pen and make shapes that spell out words.

Mika: Chase pen! Catch it! This good game.

Kit: I know you like chasing pens. That's why I close the door of my study. You kept trying to catch my pen tip when I was writing.

Mika: Close door, Mika has nap. Can chew book?

Kit: Sweetie, do you have some kind of animus against literature? It's writing that keeps you in cat food, you know.

Mika: Animouse? Where? Fites it!


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