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Monday, May 26, 2008


The Mikalogues continue

Mika: Kiiit! Mika needs you!

Kit: Whatever's the matter, darling?

Mika: World not right! Fix it!

Kit: Oh, poor Mika, you're all wet. Did you go out in the rain, honey?

Mika: Yeeess! Outside is throwin water at Mika! Make it stop!

Kit: I'm sorry, sweetie. But I can't do anything about the rain.

Mika: Can too. Can fix bein light or dark, can fix bein wet!

Kit: Well, I can switch lights on and off in the house, honey. But I'm afraid the weather is outside my control.

Mika: But Mika is weeet! World is pickin on Mika! Sad, sad and weeeet!

Kit: Poor little girl. Come and get a cuddle.

Mika: Ew, is strokin wet fur and rubbin wet onto skin. Makin it worse. Pleese turn off water. Can do it in shower!

Kit: I know, darling, but that's indoors. I can't control outdoors.

Mika: Pleese? Mika will be very good.

Kit: Honey, I really, really can't. Honestly.

Mika: Must to lick self dry. Is a sad world for little Mika.

The Mikalogues are wonderful!

Brings to mind a cat we had when I was growing up. The house had three doors, and Taffy (yes, orange cat; and no, creativity is not our long suit), upon discovering it was raining outside one door would lead us to the other two in turn, presumably hoping that at least one of them led to suitable weather for a fine cat such as himself to go out in.

He lacked Mika's verbal skills, but he could pout like an expert.
Ah yes. The magic door idea. Sure, it's raining out of *that* door, but what about the other door? Or the window? No? How about that other window? Third window? Well, maybe it's changed at the first door now.

This can be most annoying when there is snow on the ground and it lasts for months.
My cat Oddy runs out through the catflap, discovers it's raining and demands to be let in at the front door. She does this anyway however. She will only use the servant's entrance out of necessity.
No, Mika, you don't need to lick yourself dry - just look for a heating vent, and it'll blow-dry you. That's a tip from Manny ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)
I think I need a Kit of my own to whine at when the "world is not right." Cats have it good.
Reminds me of a kid I saw in a supermarket once, his face pressed to the window watching the rain pelt down.

"Mum," he said, "it's raining!"

"Yes, I know," she replied.

"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" he screamed.
Mika: World not right! Fix it!

Awwh. Don't we all wish! *hearts Mika*
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