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Monday, May 26, 2008


The Mikalogues continue

Mika: Kiiit! Mika needs you!

Kit: Whatever's the matter, darling?

Mika: World not right! Fix it!

Kit: Oh, poor Mika, you're all wet. Did you go out in the rain, honey?

Mika: Yeeess! Outside is throwin water at Mika! Make it stop!

Kit: I'm sorry, sweetie. But I can't do anything about the rain.

Mika: Can too. Can fix bein light or dark, can fix bein wet!

Kit: Well, I can switch lights on and off in the house, honey. But I'm afraid the weather is outside my control.

Mika: But Mika is weeet! World is pickin on Mika! Sad, sad and weeeet!

Kit: Poor little girl. Come and get a cuddle.

Mika: Ew, is strokin wet fur and rubbin wet onto skin. Makin it worse. Pleese turn off water. Can do it in shower!

Kit: I know, darling, but that's indoors. I can't control outdoors.

Mika: Pleese? Mika will be very good.

Kit: Honey, I really, really can't. Honestly.

Mika: Must to lick self dry. Is a sad world for little Mika.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The cat flap is confusing some of us

Mika: Me out! Me out!

Kit: What is it, Mika dear?

Mika: Me out! Go scout! Garden is Mika's and the hour of the prowl is noww!

Kit: You want to go out in the garden?

Mika: Yesss. Should listen more. Mika out!

Kit: But the catflap isn't locked, baby.

Mika: Open sesamika!

Kit: Mika honey, you're puzzling me. You know, we decided you were big enough to push on the door instead of us taping it open every day...

Mika: Mika big! Tape open door!

Kit: No, sweetie, Mika's big so we don't tape open door.

Mika: Makes no sense. Portcullis up! Noww!

Kit: No, honey, we can't have it open all the time. And we showed you how to push it open, you remember? We pushed and it opened?

Mika: Pushed with hands. Hands is for waiting on Mika. Paws is for catchin mice with sticky clawws. Mika the mighty!

Kit: But then Daddy showed you with his head, you remember?

Mika: Yess! Was revelation! Mika the brilliant! Daddy pushed flap with his head, so Mika perceived, in moment of genius! Mika could push flap with her head, and it opened. Mika takes a bowww.

Kit: But what I don't understand is this, sweetie. You've worked out that you can open the door by pushing on it when you want to get in. But when you want to get out, you can't seem to understand the principle. You come and mew at me instead.

Mika: Mew? True. Have to tell you what to doo.

Kit: But if you just pushed it with your head, like for outside, it would open.

Mika: You posts Mika.

Kit: I know. We keep posting you through the flap. We were hoping you'd get the idea that way.

Mika: You posts Mika. Scowwwl. Mika frowwns upon you. Me out!

Kit: You have a very specific and concrete kind of intelligence, don't you sweetie?

Mika: Yess! Mika's brain massive and weighty! Withowt a dowwt! Now let Mika owwwt!

Kit: Okay, hon. But that does mean it's posting-time, I'm afraid.

Mika: Mika not appreciated in her own ti - mmf...


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