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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Meet the new cat

Those of you who aren't interested in cats can skip this post, but for those of you who are, here she is:

(The bald patch is from being spayed, not a permanent feature; the vet swears she was up to mischief two hours after surgery, bless her.)

After much discussion, we have decided on the name Mika. The internet informs me that Mika means 'beautiful smell'. While I wouldn't swear that this was a literal description - mostly she smells like cat, and it took me a couple of days to persuade her that the litter tray is where all the cool kids pee - I look at it like this: cats are very smell-oriented, and if a cat could choose a name, it would probably choose one that means 'lovely smelling'. It seems like a name she might pick for herself. Anyway, she looks like a Mika.

And she's adorable. Her main activities involve: fighting a running battle with my pot plants, mad dashes, purring, pouncing on a toy named Mr Prey, cuddling up on laps or nearby anybody sitting down and purring some more, climbing my legs, and, on one occasion, taking a flying leap into the toilet, an incident I still get heartache when I think about. (I have now learned to put the seat down, and fortunately she has a forgiving disposition.) My boyfriend, worryingly, is proving slightly and intermittently allergic to her, but he swears that it's not bad and he'd rather have sneezing and Mika than no sneezing and no Mika, which I think stands as a testimony to how lovable she is; fingers crossed on that score.

She purrs so much, in fact, that I'm starting to feel slightly haunted. Whenever I'm not sure where she is, I call 'Mika!' and listen out - and a lot of the time, I'm half-convinced I can hear a purr. Sometimes I can; sometimes it's a passing airplane, or the boiler, or a washing machine... I now have the perpetual sense that I can hear purring. It would be spooky, if it wasn't so cute.

Anyway, I have little else to say right now, as I've been spending much of my time settling her down. As she now seems capable of exploring the house without panicking, I'm looking forward to getting back to work. But still, she's so sweet...

The toilet? My cat's lived here for a couple of years now, but he's never taken interest in the toilet.

It's okay; the purring's normal for some cats. My Manny happens to be a loud purrer, but my sister's cat doesn't purr at all. To each their own.

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)
Oh, I like the purring. I just get confused when I hear something that might be Mika or might be a truck passing two streets away...

Mika loves the toilet. She's fascinated with the U-bend, for reasons best known to herself. In defence of her intelligence, she spent most of her life hitherto in a vet's back room, which had no toilet in it. Having had a dunking, she may learn not to try loo-diving again.

Mika is a great name. Almost as good as Hobbes.

I'm sure she'll be a good muse for you.
My first cat fell down the toilet as a kitten. It's obviously just a cat thing.

Mika is adorable! I hope there will be lots more pictures.
Yes, I love her. My legs are covered in scratches from her habit of climbing up them to sit on my lap; I don't know whether to be alarmed or touched. I'm inclined to let her: she looks like she'll grow to be a big cat, and hopefully when she's that size she'll be able to leap straight onto my lap without the intervening clamber - and I don't want to discourage that...

Mind you, it's a bit alarming when she does it during working hours. There I am, writing away, and suddenly there's a soft 'flthump' and a sharp pain, and Mika's halfway up my legs. Unfortunately, the desk has an overhang, so she can never make it from my calves to my lap without getting stuck. Hence she tends to hang around there for quite a while, reflecting on the problem, while I grit my teeth and remind myself that she doesn't know my skin scratches easier than hers.

Between 'aw' and 'ow' right now. What a difference a vowel makes...
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