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Friday, January 18, 2008


Behold: my new best friend!

This little gold-and-white purrer is shortly to be coming home with us, as soon as she gets out of treatment. (Cat flu, rescue, sad start in life, none of which appears to have affected her sunny disposition.)

Today, nothing can bother me, because I will shortly have a cat.

I'm thinking of calling her Molly. Or possibly Polly. What would you call a cat?

What a sweetie! Cats are great muses. I think all cats should be called "Hobbes" after the cartoon character, but that's just me.
Aw, she's lovely :-) When I went to the RSPCA to adopt a cat, it turned that my Manny's sister had cat flu, but she was quite happy sitting atop the cat shed. Of course, I only adopted the cat who walked over to greet me ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)
There is an odd preference for M-named cats[1]. Also, Molly is the most popular cat name in Britain.


I think it's a lovely cat name, and it's not like she'll be in nursery and having to be Molly A. Though as a cat, she'll ignore her name anyhow.

[1] My cat is named Matilda, though I call her Til, mostly. I am all for M cat names.
Hercules! Pronounced in the French manner.

PS. Was ill. Will be sending email soon.
Thanks for the article, Wolfa! Yes, it does seem a popular name, but never mind. I was thinking of Polly originally, but my mother remarked that was a parrot name. I'll see if it suits her once we get her home...
She looks like my cat did as a kitten. Adorable! He's called Fergus, but that's somehow degenerated into Tiggy... not sure how...

Molly is a great name. She looks like a Molly to me.
My last cat was Muse. My present cat is Munchkin, which is short for a much longer name. My next cat will be named Nuisance.

What? You don't sit around thinking of future pet names too? Weirdos.
Actually I did have a few names I thought it would be fun to name a cat, but when it came to it, they didn't suit her. Have since brought her home, and frankly she doesn't look like a Molly either. It's too calm a name. Mollys cuddle, which she does, but they don't climb your curtains in a mad frenzy, which she also does. I'm still workin on it...
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