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Monday, March 04, 2013


Pretty butterfly

Tidying up my draft archives, I came upon this nice memory, a post I never got round to publishing. So I'll put it out there now, because it's a pleasant thought:

I went to London Zoo last Sunday and visited their new butterfly house, where I made a new friend. It was a butterfly, and it really, really liked me.

I didn't notice anything until I felt warm air blowing over my face, fanned by the butterfly's wings, but when I looked up, there was this big, black and white butterfly, hovering above me with a really tempted air. I stood still, and it came down and landed on my hat. It sat there for a while, then took off, but it didn't go away; it kept on hovering.

I stepped left. The butterfly followed. I stepped right. It followed again, getting lower and lower.

It landed again, this time on my shoulder, taking off when I turned to look, then hovered again. It had exactly the manner of a customer hesitating outside a shop full of expensive but desirable stuff: nearly making up its mind to proceed, but wanting just a little more time to dither. But then it succumbed, and landed on my hat again.

I'd like to consider this a sign of some exceptionally benificent aura my soul was projecting, but honesty compels me to admit that it was probably the sequins. Butterflies like bright colours, it seems, and the shiny bits on my woolly hat were simply too much for it resist.

I knew I liked that hat.


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