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Monday, June 07, 2010


The website has been static for a month...

... because, basically, Blogger took it into its head to stop publishing any new material from websites created before a certain date, and only then if they accepted a change of website address. It is only thanks to the wonderful Simon Wilkes of Random House, who actually knows how to handle websites, that it's back up and running again.

I think very ill of them for this, so may later be migrating the blog again to a less stupid blog source, but in the meantime, hopefully everybody's links remain relatively undisturbed.

A particular apology to everyone who made charitable donations to Haiti to commission Mikalogues and has been waiting ages: I haven't forgotten you, and shall be attending to that shortly. I have a list, but if people want to remind me in the comments, please feel free. Also feel free to point out any technial problems you're having with the site, though I'll have to pass them on to Simon as I'm no Netsmith myself, as the last month's echoing silence doubtless suggests.

But anyway, it looks like we may be back in business! Fingers crossed...

I can't subscribe to the feed for the new address. I'm not techie enough to know what's wrong but it just doesn't work: Google tells me it can't find the feed.
Hm, puzzling. I think I'll wait a day to see if anyone else has any comments, and then pass them along...
I thought perhaps you were on maternity leave - the possibility of technical difficulties didn't occur to me! But it's nice to have you back. I've been checking for updates every few days.
I fear it was sheer technical incompetence! I'll be trying to keep the blog updated at least until the baby's born, as health-wise I feel fine (well, a bit breathless and slowed down, but nothing out of the common for a third trimester). After that it may get harder to blog, as I've been given to understand that small children are time-consuming...
Great to see you up and running again. I enjoy your posts on Slacktivist as well, but I really value the writing you do here.
Well, the important thing is, you're back.
Welcome back! Actually, I rather like the idea of spreading out the Haiti Mikalogues. They remind us that Haiti still needs our help.
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