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Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's my birthday...

... and today I'm thirty-two years old. So, as is my wont on birthdays, I shall be posting some of what passes for wisdom in the confines of my own mind. This year, a saying I invented as an undergraduate; I'd forgotten I used to say it until a friend recently reminded me:

Blessed are the easily pleased, for they shall be often happy.

And a picture of my wedding bouquet, which my wonderful godmother made for me herself - only one of her many generosities. And of the cake, made my some very clever people who were fascinating to talk to as only profound experts on a subject you didn't previously know existed can be - did you know there's a sugarcrafter's guild?

I did know that! I read up on the subject after reading Queen of Subtleties by Suzannah Dunn. Very good short read if you're interested.
Lovely cake, lovely bouquet. And I hope you have a lovely birthday.

I adore watching people who are competent doing their thing: dancers or grocery store baggers, surgeons or sugar crafters, it's just wonderful to watch.

Not ENTIRELY off the subject, June 23 is Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Day. (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=96106336820&ref=nf} Based on your last post, you certainly qualify. Call your publishers and inform them that they owe you a lunch, at least. :-)

[verification word: "legan" = the smallest phonetic unit of legalese]
Happy Birthday! Just had one of those myself on Sunday. Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday from Neum√ľnster/Germany.Just finished to read ur book "wolfsspur".Its great!like it!Have a nice day!njoy ur day!
greetz sven

Happy birthday!

well, a day late-- hope it was happy.

Verification word: ringshy. What you and Gareth weren't.
I'm a day late, but happy birthday anyway!
Beautiful cake, and happy belated birthday!
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