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Friday, February 27, 2009


Two good things

One: anyone with some free time around lunch on Thursday 5 March and lives in London, I will be signing copies of In Great Waters at Goldsboro Books at 2pm. As this is publication day, they'll be totally new and shiny, and anybody who wants to come in and say hello will be most welcome.

Two: Despite my laptop being in hospital, reducing me to pen and paper (which might well have been good for me), I have just finished a first draft of my third novel. Ta-da!

I'm still feeling a bit shaky and surreal, which is the feeling I always get when I finish: it's hard to believe that suddenly, bam, a whole era of your life is finished and you're into a new one which looks exactly the same but isn't... But it's now definitely finished, at least in draft form. Whether it'll get published remains to be seen - I was on a two-book contract with Random House, and In Great Waters is book number two - so I'll simply have to hope for the best on that score. But hey, I've finished another novel. Doesn't seem that long ago I was finishing the last one, but then I've been around me the whole time and you've all probably been having marvellous adventures that made the time seem full.

In the meantime, I'm feeling a bit shaken and not quite sure what to do with myself. I'm weighing up various alternatives, such as going for a walk in the par, calling a friend or taking a long bath. What do you think I should do?

All of them sounds like good suggestions, so all of them should be done. Probably not all at the same time, unless you have a bathtub with wheels and Mika will pull it along in the park, though...
Hot bath and a good book is my way. I always turn into a bit of a lost soul when I finish writing something. I wander around looking for things to eat to fill the time, lol.
Take a long bath with a friend. Preferably the fiance kind of friend, but hey, beggars can't be choosers..
I don't know how much it's the same feeling, but when I'm feeling dazed and at a loss at the end of a semester, my remedy is: booze, blogs, bath, bed. Not blogs and bath at the same time though, because of the electrocution hazard.
Probably not booze and blogs at the same time, either, because of the foot-in-mouth hazard.

Anyway, congratulations. Maybe a nice little vacation, a weekend away somewhere?

Or just enjoying the first public appearance of In Great Waters. Sort of like a mother putting the baby to bed and going off to play with the toddler.

micatsh: What you say to Mika when she's being excessively vocal?
Congratulations, both on the actual appearance of In Great Waters, and on completing book #3!

To do list:
1. Quality time with Mika.
2. Put walking shoes on.
3. Pet Mika.
4. Check weather for walk in park.
5. More quality time with Mika.
6. Walk in park.
7. Return home. Apologize profusely to Mika for having left her alone.
8. More quality time with Mika.
9. Debate which friend to call, while petting Mika...

We're talking priorities, here.
A little hint on book 3. Pretty please?
Congratulations. And on book 2, again. I'm just on my way to pick up a copy from the only Waterstones in the North East to have it in stock. For now or the foreseeable future. :(
It's quite shocking really.
A little hint on book 3. Pretty please?

I'll certainly consider it, but right now it's in the hands of my agent and I'm a bit superstitious; talking about it in public before I hear what she thinks of it feels a bit of a jinx. Ask me again in a week and I might feel more confident talking about it.
Wow! Congratulations!

I suggest baking, but that's my advice for most thing.

I bought "Bareback" from the UK rather than "Benighted" from the US. Is there any reason for buying "In Great Waters" from the UK (other than the annoying fact that it hasn't been published in the US yet?
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