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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally, a sane President! Thank you, everyone in America who voted for him!

Now, speaking as a liberal who's been very angry with the Republicans for the last eight years, I'd like to propose that we all try not to waste our energy refighting them over the next four. Let's look forward to the future.

And in celebration, here's a picture of Mika, looking pretty much the way I feel.

Stupid Proposition Hate!
I have never heard Obama speak before. I stopped listening to political speeches live in 2000, because... blood pressure and sanity and other fun things. So my first reflex was to turn it off unthinkingly. Then it hit me -- HA! I don't have to! I can listen! So I listened. And damn.

What a glorious repudiation. From "with us or against us," we've come to "I will listen to you harder when we disagree," and the bit that struck me the most, "I will not lie to you":

--I will not tell you we're doing great when we're not.
--I will not treat you like children.
--I will not encourage you in magical thinking -- no, everything's not going to get better in a year, or maybe even four.
--This is going to be WORK, people. And we're going to have to do it together.

And also the kiddies get a puppy.

I am black and blue from self-pinching and have finally stopped crying. Grinning Mika encapsulates my current mood.

(The stupid Proposition is a fly in my perfect, mind-blowing ointment. You would think people [mine, and some others] who have suffered deprivation would be especially sensitive of depriving others of their rights. But then, that has rarely been the case, I suppose. Boo. Lots of work to do now. Lots.)
*glee* cute kitty picture! Also *glee* sane president. But on the down side, Prop 8 passed. buncha fuckers.

tioning (is what Mika might be doing in that picture)
Has 8 passed? The 'No on 8' site is still saying it's too close to call ... or have they all just gone home in despair?
I'm not sure it's final, but right now it certainly looks like Proposition Hate is going to go through.

A thoughtful, articulate President who actually listens to other people... I wonder what that'll be like? (I can barely remember...)

Like Anthrophile, I've read Obama's speeches, but never actually listened to him. Listening to the acceptance speech... wow. Just, wow.

I am sooooo relieved.
No on 8 dot com says it's not over yet and is too close to call, but the Times of London says it is. I don't know! (Other equally horrible measures have passed in other states, but I really expect better of California.)

Getting weepy again over pictures of Sasha and Malia.
MSNBC has called 8 for the yesses, I do believe.
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