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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


To all my American friends on Election Day

Why are you reading this? Why aren't you out voting for Obama, then going round all your friends' houses and making sure they've voted for Obama too?

Go on, get off the computer and get with the voting. The world's depending on you.

Two reasons:

1. It's still Monday night as I'm reading this. :p

2. I've already voted! The State of Georgia allowed for early voting a week before Election Day, so I got my voting taken care of a week ago.

I don't particularly like to mention who I voted for, but I will say this--I chose hope over fear.
To echo Sheila,

a) the polls don't open for another twelve hours

b) I already voted a week ago.

I will be taking pizza to those who (I hope) will still be standing in line to vote tomorrow night, however.

(today's word verification: "cullyins", which are adorable little chibi plushie vampires with bronze hair and sparkly skin -- and if you don't get that, count yourself very lucky indeed)
I also already voted, and my gave my mother- and grandmother-in-law the old "How can Obama be a Muslim if he's been going to Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years?" and lo -- they're voting for him too.

-Mary (sad to be the only person she knows who actually liked the Twilight books -- at least as much as Heroes or Harry Potter, anyway. Not as deep as they wish they were, any of them, but above averagely entertaining.)

Pantere -- a very stylized form of theater combining elements of traditional English Panto and Italian opera.
It's still Monday night, and we don't have early voting. There's a referendum on the ballot to allow it next time, though, along with the dreaded "slots" referendum (legalized casino gambling, that is). It's an interesting election in more ways than one, or The One, around here.

So, first thing tomorrow, I promise.

Today's word is "acters". I suppose they don't teach spelling in the High School for the Performing Arts, although Pantere is a required course.
Mary, I liked them too. But it's the same way I like candy corn and ginger brandy and blowing up vacuum cleaners -- they're bad for me, badbadbad, but yet so delicious...

And my daughter and I will go see the movie on opening night (but will viciously mock the casting, the acting, and the script sotto voce even as we munch our popcorn)
I voted absentee by mail, and I'm kind of sorry that I won't get to experience standing in line in my heavily Democratic, majority African-American area. I think the atmosphere will be wonderful.

I'm giving that up for the chance to spend the day in the Commonwealth of Virginia getting voters to the polls. Keep an eye on traditionally Republican Virginia, everyone. If it goes for Obama early, it's going to be a good night.
I had a cool experience Friday night. I was on an overnight bus out of Chicago, and most of the other people on the bus were black. The driver on the PA system should've been a DJ. He was making jokes, telling stories, and wishing us all a smooth ride... And somewhere in there he said "It's gonna be a whole new world out there after Tuesday, you just watch," and the whole (double decker) bus spontaneously cheered, and the little eleven year old girl sitting next to me was grinning so hard I thought she was going to break her face. And the driver went on about how the city of Chicago was just going to go nuts, and what a great thing it was for the city... But he personally was gonna stay as far away as he could get, because the traffic was gonna be a nightmare.

Late night, bus full of strangers, all so excited, all feeling like the world is about to change, and for once, like they're the ones changing it... Pretty unforgettable.
voted last week by our state's mail-in ballot, although I took mine directly to the election office.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voted! ^___^

Doing what I can to make it happen.
(Oh, and I have been lecturing my very large extended family, friends, and who-all will listen and ranting via e-mail for most of the year, right up to the actual line into the polling center where I found myself, to my horror, pontificating that "in some countries, you know, if you don't vote, you have to pay a FINE.")

(Also there may have been money. And a petition.)

(So this is just a nice break to go to work...er, that is, to check in on that lovely Whitfield woman, you know, the one who writes those great stories... ;-D)
Hooray for you all! Let's keep our fingers crossed...
Took my 2-yr-old to the polling station with me. Bit of an accident, involving leaving his shoes behind so he couldn't go to daycare. He like the sticker.

Take that, Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage!

(gods, if McCain lost here at home, it would be sweet!)
Ohio and Florida. EVERY AGE GROUP under 60 in Ohio. When California comes in, when the rest of the West Coast come in, it's over. I could go to bed now and sleep serene. I can't stop crying and I cannot bloody believe this. I would never in my life have believed it.

Oh no! I can't go to bed yet. Down with Proposition Eight!

*blowing weepy kisses everywhere*
They just called Virginia for Obama. And the word verification is "leade"! Does blogger have a sense of humor?
Most worshipful Mika, and attendant humans: on behalf of all citizens of the United States, may I say two words?
"President Obama."

Yes, we did.
Now the work begins. :-D :-D :-D
I am proud to be an American.
I really feel like we have a president that can unify the country now. Obama's acceptance speech made me feel warm and squishy.

couski- a skiing victory lap after you've just won a coup. Or an election.
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