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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I'm engaged!

My boyfriend Gareth and I are getting married!

Here's a game: I'm going to give the answers I've been giving a lot since announcing the engagement - but I'm not going to tell you the questions, just the answers. You can make up any questions you like to suit them.

1. Some time next summer.
2 .Under a tree in a park on a lovely sunny day.
3. No, I'm keeping it; probably we'll give both his and mine to any children.
4. It's on order, but it'll look like a flower when it arrives.
5. Actually no, I'm thinking in terms of red and black right now.

What do these mysterious answers betoken...?

Happy Kit. :-)

Congratulations! :)
That's absolutely wonderful! Happiness to you both!
Congratulations, and much happiness.

I'm guessing the related questions:

1. When are you due?
2. Where are you going for your honeymoon?
3. Are you giving away your professional reputation to satisfy an outdated tradition?
4. Have you picked out a dress?
5. What colour towels are on your registry?

I'm close, I can tell.
Congratulations and many well-wishes!

Possible questions:
1. When exactly will the world end?
2. What's best place for summoning the Great Old Ones?
3. Do you plan to sell the castle?
4. Do you plan to have a child?
5. Will you leave your hair its natural color for the ceremony?

~Michael Mock
(from Slacktivist)
Congrats and be prosperous!
Congratulations Praline ! \o/

I wanted to try and find the questions too but I think Michael already won that game :(
1. When will Bush be executed for War Crimes?
2. Where will the gallows be placed?
3. Are you giving up your living space?
4. Have the Old Ones given you a Sign?
5. Have you thought about what you'll wear when Bush is executed for War Crimes?

Congratulations! Woot! Woot!
Just popping by to add my congratulations!
Thank you! The answers are great; I'll throw in some more:

1. So, when did you two meet?
2. Where's did you hide the body of your former husband?
3. Are you going to save your virginity till the wedding night?
4. Have you booked a registrar?
5. Will there be both red and white wine at the reception?
Yet again, congratulations and good luck for the future!

Surely these are the real questions:

1. When will we next see some Sun?
2. Where will you be living?
3. Do you plan to give up your worldly possessions and become a hermit?
4. I heard you plan to get married in some sort of inflatable church - is this true?
5. What sort of weather would be best - bright blue sunny skies, right?
Oh, the happies!

My turn:

1. Name four words spelt with only four letters*

2. Demonstrate the correct use of at least three prepositions

3. Have you had your appendix removed?

4. Has your cyborg laser upgrade been implanted?

5. Do you prefer chess to checkers?

-- hapax (from slacktivist)
*you never specified that the answers were CORRECT
1)What time is love?
2)Where have all the flowers gone?
3)Can I kick it?
4)Where's your head at?
5)Are you ready for the blues?

I can't think of any humorous or mysterious answers right now, just the straight ones...
Congratulations! Also not feeling esp witty at the moment, alas. :-/

~Laima from Slacktivist
Wonderful news! Here is a happy video to celebrate! (It will make you smile, I promise.)


I'm sorry, I don't know how to do links, but this one is worth the old cut 'n paste.
1. When are you sending me my free copy of your new book? (I can try...)
2. When was the last time you considered joining a nunnery?
3. Will you be getting rid of the cat?
4. Are you still planning on wearing a bikini for the ceremony?
5. Would you like to have this 3.5 carat blue diamond I happen to have sitting around? I'm not using it, and you are supposed to have something blue for a wedding.

(The only question for #5 I can think of seems incredibly rude to me. Do people actually ask that?)

-Lauren from Slacktivist
Hey, grats, Praline ! Your boyfriend sounds like a cross between Garret and Sareth; I can just tell he's going to make a great husband, despite the green and woodsy machinations of the Seventh Dragon.
Congratulations, and best wishes to you both.

My daughter came home with some Praline Caramel ice cream last night - clearly an omen of deliciousness!

1) when will the kitten become a CAT?
2) where will the wedding breakfast be?
3) will you still have time to blog?
4) is your next book available yet?
5) do you prefer Proust to Stendhal?
Sweet! I just got engaged a few months ago myself, so the questions are all very familiar. Let's see if I learned something:

1. What is your favorite colour?
2. No, you're favorite colour?
3. Look, I've planned hundreds of these things, trust me, you need to pick colours.
4. Ok, white? Pale blue? Bolder maybe? Red perhaps?
5. Whatever. Lets just say black and red then.

I never had you pegged for such a contrarian :)

Congratulations eh. Couldn't happen to a more engaging* person.

* notice, no rimshot. they guy who normally follows me around doing those is off with a repetitive stress injury
OK, I'll bite:

1) When will the world be destroyed by fire?
2) Where were you when the mystic vision of this destruction came to you?
3) Has your Spirit Guide taken your magic power from you to protect you from further disturbing insights?
4) Have you managed to obtain the One Great Artifact which can prevent the oncoming destruction?
5) Are you seeking the Green Light of Power to help you in your mighty battle?

Hmm. I reckon you can really see the influence of a teenagerhood spent reading epic fantasy there.

See you!
PS: The Word Verification word is "pmmoim". That is clearly the sound a wooden ruler makes when you twang it off the edge of a desk.

And Joel wins an internet.

(In assuming that one of the questions was about last names: More power to y'all!)
That'd be number 3.

Actual questions:

So do you have a date yet?
Where did the proposal happen?
Are you taking his name?
Omigod, can I see the ring?
Are you going to wear a white dress?

Most probable order of these questions being asked:

4, 2, 1, 3, 5.

Unless they do it differently in England :)
I was confused about the flower. Thanks, Ecks!

*dropping in to leave congratulations on the *proper* announcement thread*

Yay! :-)
Ecks is correct!

Actually the commonest order is more or less as I put them... This may be affected by the fact that many of my friends have married already, so discussions of 'would you take his name' (answer: no, because a. feminism, b. Gareth says he thinks of 'Whitfield' as part of my name anyway, as do I, and c. 'Kit Thomas' would be hard to say) have already taken place.

And yes, the ring is flower-shaped, and will NOT be a diamond, as I don't particularly like diamonds and there's no law saying you have to have one. (De Beers tries very hard to convince you that there is, but they're not exactly neutral.) So it's going to be white gold with an emerald in a setting that's cast from a bud. I'll try to post a picture when it arrives; it's being made by a charming designer as we speak.
Congratulations! May you have a lovely wedding and a happy marriage!
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