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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Overrated virtues

New Year's resolution time hovers on the horizon. I've got some resolutions on my shortlist, but in the meantime, here's a point for discussion: which would you pick as the most overrated virtue? Which virtue would you least like to see on everyone's resolution list?

I'm going with bluntness. All those people who pride themselves on speaking their minds - you know the kind, people who consider it very honest and earthy of them to be rude whenever they feel like it? That's a quality I'd personally like to see crossed off a lot of lists come the new year.

What would you pick?

Having common sense. Although it's a good idea to have a fair bit of savvy (Like, not being photographed with your wife when you're pretending that she was unaware you faked your death) for a lot of people common sense simply means having a closed mind to new concepts, and that their opinions are somehow above criticism.
I know my opinions are far from immune to criticism. Including this one.
Being a 'workaholic'. Some people actually BRAG about having this as a trait. It's good to be driven, but when any one thing consumes your life at the expense of everything else, it tends to end tragically in one way or another.
I'm leaning toward losing weight.
Granted, staying fit is very important - don't get me wrong. However, year after year I see people promising that they're going to get a gym membership and lose umpteen pounds. The following month (or even week), they're back to religiously celebrating 'Donut Fridays,' promising themselves that they'll be more serious about it next year.
Wait - what?
Not following through with this resolution year after year has a tendency to desensitize the person to the resolution itself, actually deflating its importance. Were they ever serious about it in the first place?
I bet these people are the same ones that think you can end a marriage just because it's 'not working out.' What, you'll try to get more serious about that next year, too?!
Oops - sorry. That was a bit of a rant, there...
Point is, keep the weight loss goal out of the resolution hopper. If you really want to take it seriously, Then meet that goal on a daily basis, not a yearly one.
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