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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Hey guys, guess what?!

I've finished my new book! La la la, in your face cruel world, I have FINISHED a first draft of the new book!

And, to my own disbelief, I have even finished it in time for the deadline. This is truly remarkable.

I am also profoundly relieved that I will never again suffer from secondbookitis, because it nearly killed me. I've already started on a third book, and am feeling much better about the whole business. Boy do you learn a lot writing a second novel.

I shall have some thoughts about that in due course, but I wanted to ring the bells right now, at least. I got up early this morning, and wrote the final three thousand words still wearing my jammies. This is an advantage writing has over office work, of course, and I figure, if it's good enough for Balzac - who wrote in a dressing gown - it's good enough for me, when the occasion demands.

Look, Balzac. The great sculptor Rodin was commissioned to portray him, and when he turned in the sculpture - as happened more than once with Rodin's work - it was rejected as offensively irreverent towards its great subject. I think the commissioners had in mind something classical that represented the artistic principle. Rodin turned in a sculpture of a fat man in a dressing gown.

But it's a great sculpture of a fat man in a dressing gown. It doesn't represent the artistic principle, it is an artistic principle. Rodin rocks.

So, to retrieve my mind from whence it's wandered, I had a pyjama party with my book today, and I have now finished a first draft! Hooray!

Whoo-hoo! *pops champagne cork* Congratulations!
Congratulations. That's a great feeling.

Care to share any details about this super-secret work?
I'd love to, but it sounds very strange when you precis it. Bear with me till I talk to my editors and work up a blurb? :-)
Are you happy not to be one of those authors who have to churn out a novel every year? ;-)

Well done, lass, and have a lovely day! :-)
Congrats, Kit. Can't wait to see it hit the shelves.
Hooray, hooray! You win!

...And I write in my jammies every day. Nothing wrong with that and a lot right with it. It keeps you from answering the door.

You can't tell us about the book--can you tell us this? Is it written in present tense or past tense? I love past tense more.
It's past tense. Assuming my publishers accept it (fingers crossed - but I've already started Book 3, and that's past tense as well). I can also tell you it has two protagonists, one male, one female, is also vaguely interested in legends, but not as contemporary in setting.

That do for a New Year teaser? I'm mostly just nervous about what my publishers will think of it, but once it's properly on track, I'll tell you more, I promise. :-)
One more question. Will it be available in the US?
Congrats! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've come up with this time.

And I'm probably the only person who would advocate keeping it a secret...but if you do give us info, I'm sure I'll crack and read it.
Bran Fan: hopefully. I have a two-book contract with Random House US and UK, and this is Book Two. However, they haven't read it yet, and I'm superstitious about counting my chickens, as there's always the possibility they'll hate it and demand I write another one. Unlikely, I hope, but you never know.

Thanks to everyone who's being so nice!
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