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Monday, October 15, 2007


Left brain or right brain?


If I concentrate, I can make her go either way :).
Curious. I saw her going anti-clockwise until I read that you're more creative if she seems to be going clockwise, at which point my brain instantly changed her direction and refused to change back. Is my subconscious protecting me from something?
I'm the same as Joel; first she's going anti-clockwise, then when I focus on her lower foot she turns the other way, but I then can't make her turn the other again.
Yes, I was anti-clockwise at first, then clockwise, then anti... From a writer's perspective, I don't think it matters much; the right brain does symbolism but the left brain does language, so there are advantages to either side. :-)
Wild! When I was focusing on the shadow of the foot, it turned around and started appearing to go the other way.

Started counterclockwise and then went clockwise. Whatever that signifies.
Well, that's just completely brilliant. It's unshiftably clockwise for me, except in my peripheral vision, where it goes t'other way around. I can clearly see her change direction mid-spin when I flick my gaze back.

Be interested to see survey data on the supposed left/right thing - most of the purported lateral specialisations smell of ropey popularisation to me. It's a wonderful illusion, but I'd be surprised if it tells us anything about anything.
I can't make her go counterclockwise! I have squinted, I have shut one and then the other... I have looked at the shadow, at head only, at feet only...

I can sort of do it for a SECOND if I look away from the screen entirely and only see her from the corner of my eye. But... no!

This means I am terribly unbalanced. ;-)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh wait, I did it! By concentrating on the knees. Widdershins!

I can't do it again, though. (And I was so good at Magic Eye...)
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