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Monday, August 27, 2007


Whoa! The blog is back!

Hello again. As the astute Bran Fan spotted, this blog temporarily disappeared over the weekend, for reasons that are slightly obscure to me. My only theory is that the card I was paying for the website on expired and they just noticed it, and then took a while to renew... However, if it turns out that this was not the reason, and the blog disappears again, please accept my apologies and be assured that I'm trying hard to work out what on earth has happened.

Long post tomorrow. :-)

Yay, you're back!

The credit card expiration theory reminds me of a ridiculous conversation I had with my isp last year.

ISP: your credit card has expired

ME: but you're still getting paid

ISP: but it's years out of date

ME: but you're still getting paid

ISP it's out of date

ME: but. you're. still. getting. paid.

My credit card company can apparently cope with the idea of direct debits. My ISP apparently can't.
My favourite recent one is from last week, where our internet connection went on the blink. So we called the service provider, where a cheerful recorded voice told us that we could either call the massively expensive helpline, or else - guess what? We could visit their website!

So our internet is down, and we need to report this over the internet? Or pay about two weeks' line rental for a phone conversation to report that the line we've paid good money for has cocked up at their end? The bastards are just trading on the fact that if the Net connection goes down you don't have much option apart from paying them the extortionate rate. Bastards.

That's Virgin, people, Virgin. I have no problem in announcing their turpitude. Virgin Broadband tells you to get on the internet when your internet connection goes down.
Well... whew!

Actually, I thought the 404 message was a fault on my end. It's happened before. (Because there'd been absolutely no hint of anything controversial, upsetting or blog-cancel-worthy going on, at least not in print!)

Glad you're still here!

Nasty shock - logged on at the weekend to check your blog and you WEREN'T THERE!

Please be more gentle with us old'uns next time dear, thank you.

Hums: "All the ducks are swimming in the water, fal-dor-al-dor-aldoh..."
OH yeah. When my laptop went kaput, the kind people at HP Support told me to use their online help as my warranty had expired.

The logical flaw escaped them, too.
Hurrah. The lightning bolt has struck anew and the rambling, fickle monster of technology lurches of its slab.
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