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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I missed my own blog's birthday

That should give you an impression of how organised you get when you start working from home.

However, the blog is dependent on me for its very existence and thus too terrified to accept my 'sorry I forgot your birthday' card with anything but craven gratitude, so: happy birthday blog!

Blog: Thank you, Madam. Shall I clean your shoes now?

No thank you, minion. I was painting the hallway yesterday and you'll never get the paint off, you virtual wastrel.

As you wish, Madam.

In any case, since it is the blog's birthday, or rather was a few days ago, so let's all think about cake for a moment. And following on from that, a party favour as a reward to everyone who's been listening to me wittering on for the past year (or indeed has just turned up, I'm not biased): name a topic you'd like me to witter on about, and I shall witter.

Oh, goodie, more work! I can stay alive!

See, blog? Now go enjoy your virtual cake.

Thank you, Madam.

Happy blogday.

How's the new book coming?
Happy b-day. Witter? Is that like twitter? Interesting word. I might have to use it sometime.

Have we ever talked about your writing process? Like do you structure, outline, fill out character surveys and all that? Or is it more flinging stuff out the car window as you gallivant around?
I don't think we have. I'll put it on the to-do list - but I warn you, it's not going to be very edifying reading...
Oh, and 'witter' - it means something between 'prattle' and 'ramble', I think. It's a word my dad uses. Definition:


(How do I create links in comments, anyone?)

Type < a href = "http://www.allwords.com/word-witter.html" > Name of link < / a >

but without the extra spaces :).

Perhaps you could witter on about publishing schedules? What's done when?
Virtual cake??

Sounds like a good excuse to have the real McCoy.


How about the inner child. For wittering about that is.
I was wondering about present vs. past tense. Since about 90 percent of popular fiction is written in past tense, we are taught to read stories that way. Present tense is harder for me to read and harder to write. Wondering why you went that way for Benighted and if you're also writing new work in present tense. thanks!
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