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Friday, July 20, 2007


Gene Kelly dances with Jerry the mouse

Growing up with two younger sisters who loved such musicals, I can recall my original reaction to seeing this scene for the first time.

"What the heck?! Whoever came up with this scene must be the same guys who did the Pink Elephants on Parade bit in Dumbo."

Nevertheless, you're right. It's fun.
The high-waisted, white bell bottoms look fantastic! This is very fun. My kids are HUGE Tom and Jerry fans, and they loooved it.
Glad they liked it, Bran Fan!

Thanks for reminding me about the pink elephants sequence, Josh; I just went and looked it up, and was impressed at how good it is:


Watching it as an adult, I think it's less on drugs than very obviously descended from Fantasia; highly imaginative, curiously prefiguring Robert Crumb by about two decades, and joyously free from any need for plot. Reminds me rather of the Broadway Melodies film-within-a-film of Singin' in the Rain; 'let's just stop the film and have some fun with the music and visuals!' It scared me as a kid, but as a grown-up I really admire it. It's lovely seeing something that's clearly just produced for the fun of letting creativity off the leash for a while.
Or we could just hold up the Alice in Wonderland as a prime example--except for the hooka-smoking caterpillar. Oh, and did you ever see Donald in Mathmagic Land? There's a fun memory (and educational too!).
Hi Kim, I loved your quote about Gk's 'spring heels'. Would you give permission for me to use it as a quote on my Gene Kelly website please? Here is the url if you want to take a look first. I would of course acknowledge the source. Thanks. Sue
What a dope, forgot to include the url! www.freewebs.com/geneius
By all means use it! I'd appreciate it if you'd include a link to this site with the source attribution, and check my name's spelled correctly - it's Kit Whitfield, not Kim. But spelling quibbles aside, I'm delighted you liked it.
That's great, thanks. Sorry about the typos, I am much more careful when adding to the website. Sue
Not a problem, I am used to being called Kim! All the best for your website. :-)
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