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Thursday, June 14, 2007



Oh, oh, oh, because, because, my little tadpoles are all turning into tiny little frogs and sitting on the lily pads! About a centimetre or two long, sort of this size only prettier, all jumpy and stripy-backed! My darling little babies are getting all froggy!

Soon they're going to grow up altogether and leave me. Then I will have empty-pond syndrome, I expect, but I'm going to fantasise about them all having wonderful lives anyway. And maybe they'll come back and lay eggs next year.

Frogs are just the nicest things in the world. And my tiny ones are the nicest. If anyone can think of anything cuter, I'd love to see it.

Well I'll try with this (if the link works):


Kit, perhaps it's really time you thought about starting a family?

Kit is going to be one of those people who talks about their dogs as their "children." Except they'll be tadpoles and froggies.

"Oh...my tadpoles never call anymore. Unless they need money."
I'll have you know I'm very well adjusted, thank you, gentlemen. I just like frogs.

Link didn't work, I'm afraid...
Well, obviously I think my kitten is cuter. But I would, wouldn't I?

Which is as it should be! Kittens need love. Give it a pat from me. :-)
Hmm, well, it's a picture of my youngest daughter and I "holding hands", in that she was a day old at the time, and her tiny, red, flaky-skinned fingers barely managed to curl around and cover the nail of my middle finger. You see, when they're that new they don't react to very much, but if you touch them in their minuscule palms, obviously their fingers curl in. Actually, it's altogether a fantastic thing, it's one of my favourite photos, and comes pretty close (I thought) in terms of cuteness, to that little froggy of yours... :-)
what kind of frog is that
yes frogs, becuase it counsins toad are totally disgusting, the frog skin is like silk, soft, but the taod skin ughhhh...with all those warts.
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