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Monday, April 02, 2007


Free running!

I am moved. I have broadband, but I'm also ill, so normal services may be on the blink for a bit. In the meantime, for your continued entertainment, here's a post I wrote a few days ago and didn't get round to putting on the blog...

I just watched Casino Royale, which was surprisingly good - normally I can't stand Bond, but this was a good thriller and I enjoyed it - and there's a scene in it where there is free running. Free running, for the benefit of those of you who, like me, had never heard of it and didn't have someone to explain it, is an urban sport where basically you treat the landscape like a combination of an obstacle course and a gymnasium, and leap through it as gracefully as possible. Anyway, it was amazing. Amazing! In recognition of which, here's a clip of some more of it - that one's three and a bit minutes, this one is six and a bit. Do not, not, not try this at home, unless your legs have been getting on your nerves and you figure a good compound fracture will teach them their place, but it's wonderful to watch. It's like getting back to our monkey roots; I've seen marmosets do leaps like that in the zoo, but I didn't know people could do it. (I love monkeys with all my heart, so this is meant to be a compliment.) Yay Darwin! Yay taking advantage of ugly urban environments to do something beautiful! Yay free running!

Glad to hear you're more settled and got the connections all back in place. Sorry to hear about the illness. [insert various home cure remedy and/or restful suggestion that everyone will be giving]
I love the concept of free running but am filled with a deep burning resentment towards all its practitioners because I can barely put one foot in front of the other without plummeting face first into the pavement, my teeth shooting out in all directions. And when leaving a room I sometimes miss the gaping hole that people call 'a doorway'.
It's lucky I didn't help you move, really, isn't it? Anyway, I know you're surrounded by innumerable boxes that look like they'll take forever to unpack, but sooner than you think you'll put them all in the loft and buy entirely new stuff. The circle of life!
Hi - I just wanted to say that I was down at the University Of Sussex the other day, and I shared your publisher-dating dictionary with a number of the creative writing students there (fully crediting you and the website). People LOVED it. I think you've not only hit on a fantastic way to present the 'don't's of approaching agents/publishers, but the fact that the advice is coming from a fellow writer endears people to it from the start. Thank you for writing something so funny and insightful.
Glad you're all moved in. Sorry you're sick. Take care :).
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