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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Ring the bells!

Put out the bunting! Bake cakes and ice them! Because I have good news:

Bareback has been shortlisted for the Author's Club Best First Novel Award.

The award ceremony is going to be on 9 May - I'll let you know how it goes.

Well done Kit! Fingers crossed for the right result on May 9! (Not to mention a few more well-deserved column inches to give sales a shove in the right direction!)
Thank you! To be honest, I'm fairly sure that Bareback is a natural short-lister rather than winner, being that it's such a weird book - it seems to be a book that some people like a lot and some people just don't take to, and we have to bank on some voting non-takers on the panel... I suspect that there will be other books on the shortlist with more universal appeal. But I don't really care. I can say I was Shortlisted! Which is a great thing.
Hmm, you might be right there. I think originality is one of the most important things, and that's why I liked Bareback so much, but I can also see how that can be a double-edged sword when stacked against more formulaic books. Anyway, I'm happy you got some recognition - hopefully the angel on one shoulder will be whispering louder than the devil on the other: "There - see? - if they've shortlisted it, it MUST BE well-written..."

Well done. And you never can tell what will win these things, there's so many factors. You should be well happy for getting sort listed but dont write yourself off winning just yet!

It'd be cool to have that old "shortlisted for..." quote on the front of your book. Those quotes rock.

weird books are quite often the most interesting ones and we live in weird times and its the books that reflect the times that get the polpoular respect. no one would have expected The Time Travellers Wife to do as well as it has ten years ago.

Good luck with it all.
Cool. Congratulations.
I'll pick up Benighted. Love the American cover. Congrats on being shortlisted!
Many much of the most congratulatoralations. I'm starting an office pool on betting that you'll win. Unfortunately, I'm the only person involved so far, but hey, at least I'm going to win my own money betting on you.
Don't suppose anyone can help this techno-wally out with a link to somewhere they have the nominations for this award listed? Google doesn't seem to want to help...
Not on the internet, I fear - my information comes from an e-mail from my publishers...
Hot news then indeed! :-)

Do let us know the competition when you find out, please.
I'm enjoying the phrase 'techno-wally'.
Congrats! I just picked my my copy of Benighted today.

It is funny. I wouldn't even know about you/your books except that I lurk at Miss Snark, and I enjoyed your comments there. It wasn't just that you were nice--lots of people are nice. It was also that you were so smart. So, that made me interested in your blog, which led me to get your book.

From Miss Snark in NYC to you in London to me in the Midwest U.S. Isn't the internet a marvelous thing?

Publicity from this award might work the same way. People hear about the award, will be intrigued by the concept and the title and next thing you know you've sold more books.
To which I say hooray!

And also thank you very much for the kind compliments; I'm most flattered.
I think it goes without saying how excited and impressed I am. Especially as you've already told me about this. But I felt like I should say it anyway because hey, it's great. All my fingers are crossed. Making it difficult to type this.
Of course, I meant "smart" in the American sense, meaning intelligent. (I believe that on the other side of the pond, clothing can also be very smart, meaning well put-together. Is that right?)
It can mean both. If you said someone was a smart person, it would usually mean intelligent, but if you said they looked smart, it would probably refer to their clothes. Without too much intellectual vanity, I hope, I assumed you were talking about my brain - I'm pretty scruffy most of the time. :-)
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