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Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just bought an acre of rainforest!

It's mine now. Or at least, it belongs to a trust who will not, ever, cut it down. The bastards who are cutting down rainforests like there's no tomorrow (which they may be right about if they carry on the way they're going, of course), cannot get their hands upon it. Fie upon their chainsaws! Those trees are staying up.

This kicks ass.

Anyone you haven't got a gift for? Or just feeling charitable, what with Christmas and all? This website, goodgifts.org, is great. You can buy, as a gift for someone (including, of course, yourself), all sorts of things that you really, really want to see happen. Like, say, a year's worth of education for a kid in Africa, or minefields getting cleared, or a whole field of flowers being planted, or protection for a penguin, or replanting of endangered hedgerows, or a child kidnapped and forced to be a soldier getting fed, clothed and brought back to their family, or ... Man, all sorts of things. And they're all great. I got shopping fever - you know, the thing where you end up spending much more than you meant to when you went in - and, unusually for shopping fever, I'm still feeling pleased about it. There are so many things in the world that can piss you off up to the eyebrows when you think about them - well, this site is trying to beat them back.

Go there and have a look. If there's anything in the world that makes you mad, there'll probably be something they can do about it.

My sis-in-law wrote and said we shouldn't get a present for her and my husband's brother, but instead give some money to charity. So our neighbours got the chocolates we'd bought and we bought a goat thro' World Vision. Well, I insisted it be a goat.

It does feel good!
Goats rule.
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