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Friday, November 17, 2006


Oh, bits and pieces

Another six-word short story from me:

Hated my dad. Then married him.

Do keep 'em coming if you can think of any.

A reminder that I'm going to be giving a talk near Chester on Monday evening; I'll give details on the morning of the day, but anyone in the location do come along and say hello.

And, for your amusement, a link. My friend Joel (http://www.robotichat.blogspot.com/, if you fancy seeing his blog) is writing a Nanowrimo novel about pirates. In honour of this, and because I was watching Pirates of the Carribean the other day, I call to your attention the following scam baiter.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, basically, well - you know those e-mails you get saying, in effect, I'M IN NIGERIA AND HAVE TO GET MONEY OUT ILLEGALLY, GIVE ME SOME CASH AND I'LL CUT YOU IN, I'M A MILLIONAIRE, HONESTLY? A modern variant on the Spanish Prisoner con? Some people get mischievous with these bad, fraudulent people, and decide to have a little fun with them. This is a particularly funny example:


Don't try to scam a rascal, me hearty.

Thanks Kit. The story's not exactly mutinied yet but there are grumblings amongst the characters, especially those that haven't really had a chance to be seen yet. Here's some six word pirate stories.

X marks the spot. Can't read.

Marooned with a pistol. No bullets.

Chest full of treasure. Need operation.

Fire the cannons! Give good references.

OK, the last two are more like puns...
The first one made me laugh out loud. I'm still grinning.
Walk the plank: it needs exercise.
Ate the math teacher. School ended.

The alien wore a suit. Married him.

Sun exploded. Followed by killer penguins.

Hey God? I need a pony.

Shot my husband over the cookies.
I think half the world is writing pirate novels this November. I've just hit the procrastination stage in mine. Good luck, Joel!

Can't think of any 6 word pirate stories but here's two Nano inspired ones:

Writer died in November caffeine overdose.

Husband starved, cats starved, novel written.
Fantastic stuff! Loved the extract. Cassie O'Pia is a great name. Nothing as good as that in mine, though I do like Captain Bracegirdle. Good luck to you too. Although from your word count you need it less than I do...
Thanks! I've never done Nano before - it's the opposite of how I normally write - but I've found a peculiar satisfaction in going all out for word count instead of worrying about quality.

I love your extract (you must keep 'little poems of mania' in the final draft,) and the whole idea of a pirate detective novel sounds great.
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